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All you need to know about anonymous credit card offshore

As the name depicts, an anonymous credit card is the one that does not contain the name or any other information related to the owner of the card. Some aspects related to the anonymous credit cards are:

  • The credit card is issued without any name imprinted on it.

  • All the ATM transactions made through this card will remain fully anonymous.

  • Prepaid credit card’s limit is not established by the card issuer, but it is set by the card holder depending on the amount that he deposits in his credit card.

As the anonymous credit card offshore claims to provide the highest security, but are the claims true? Are you able to hide all your details and get the desired security? These are the questions that hit the minds of various people. If you are among those people who want to get detailed information about the anonymous credit cards then you have reached the right place. Here in this article we are going to discuss various facts related to the anonymous cards.

Level of security provided by the anonymous credit card

There is no doubt that the anonymous credit cards provide you the higher level of security, but when it comes to the confidentiality, chances are there that you would not be satisfied. Though legally it is ensured to provide the full confidentiality, but in reality, it gets compromised. According to the Patriot Act, it is required by the federal government that the applicants’ social security number would be collected by credit card issuers. But, most of the card issuers also collect the applicants’ phone number, email address, date of birth and some other details. Thus, if it happens with you, then even after having the anonymous card, a record of ownership on your name will still exist.

However, the anonymous credit cards do not keep a record of the deposits or the payment history. Also, they are not reported to any credit bureau. So, you can expect a level of privacy from them.

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